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RFC Index (601..700)

RFC Description Author(s) Status Obsoleted by Updated by
601 Traffic statistics (November 1973) A.M. McKenzie
602 "The stockings were hung by the chimney with care" R.M. Metcalfe
603 Response to RFC 597: Host status J.D. Burchfiel RFC 613
604 Assigned link numbers J. Postel RFC 739
606 Host names on-line L.P. Deutsch
607 Comments on the File Transfer Protocol M. Krilanovich, G. Gregg RFC 624 RFC 614
608 Host names on-line M.D. Kudlick RFC 810
609 Statement of upcoming move of NIC/NLS service B. Ferguson
610 Further datalanguage design concepts R. Winter, J. Hill, W. Greiff
611 Two changes to the IMP/Host Protocol to improve user/network communications D.C. Walden
612 Traffic statistics (December 1973) A.M. McKenzie
613 Network connectivity: A response to RFC 603 A.M. McKenzie
614 Response to RFC 607: "Comments on the File Transfer Protocol" K.T. Pogran, N. Neigus
615 Proposed Network Standard Data Pathname syntax D. Crocker RFC 645
617 Note on socket number assignment E.A. Taft
618 Few observations on NCP statistics E.A. Taft
619 Mean round-trip times in the ARPANET W. Naylor, H. Opderbeck
620 Request for monitor host table updates B. Ferguson
621 NIC user directories at SRI ARC M.D. Kudlick
622 Scheduling IMP/TIP down time A.M. McKenzie
623 Comments on on-line host name service M. Krilanovich
624 Comments on the File Transfer Protocol M. Krilanovich, G. Gregg, W. Hathaway, J.E. White
625 On-line hostnames service M.D. Kudlick, E.J. Feinler
626 On a possible lockup condition in IMP subnet due to message sequencing L. Kleinrock, H. Opderbeck
627 ASCII text file of hostnames M.D. Kudlick, E.J. Feinler
628 Status of RFC numbers and a note on pre-assigned journal numbers M.L. Keeney
629 Scenario for using the Network Journal J.B. North
630 FTP error code usage for more reliable mail service J. Sussman
631 International meeting on minicomputers and data communication: Call for papers A. Danthine
632 Throughput degradations for single packet messages H. Opderbeck
633 IMP/TIP preventive maintenance schedule A.M. McKenzie RFC 638
634 Change in network address for Haskins Lab A.M. McKenzie
635 Assessment of ARPANET protocols V. Cerf
636 TIP/Tenex reliability improvements J.D. Burchfiel, B. Cosell, R.S. Tomlinson, D.C. Walden
637 Change of network address for SU-DSL A.M. McKenzie
638 IMP/TIP preventive maintenance schedule A.M. McKenzie
640 Revised FTP reply codes J. Postel
642 Ready line philosophy and implementation J.D. Burchfiel
643 Network Debugging Protocol E. Mader
644 On the problem of signature authentication for network mail R. Thomas
645 Network Standard Data Specification syntax D. Crocker
647 Proposed protocol for connecting host computers to ARPA-like networks via front end processors M.A. Padlipsky
651 Revised Telnet status option D. Crocker RFC 859
652 Telnet output carriage-return disposition option D. Crocker Historic
653 Telnet output horizontal tabstops option D. Crocker Historic
654 Telnet output horizontal tab disposition option D. Crocker Historic
655 Telnet output formfeed disposition option D. Crocker Historic
656 Telnet output vertical tabstops option D. Crocker Historic
657 Telnet output vertical tab disposition option D. Crocker Historic
658 Telnet output linefeed disposition D. Crocker Historic
659 Announcing additional Telnet options J. Postel
660 Some changes to the IMP and the IMP/Host interface D.C. Walden
661 Protocol information J. Postel RFC 694
662 Performance improvement in ARPANET file transfers from Multics R. Kanodia
663 Lost message detection and recovery protocol R. Kanodia
666 Specification of the Unified User-Level Protocol M.A. Padlipsky
667 Host Ports S.G. Chipman
669 November, 1974, survey of New-Protocol Telnet servers D.W. Dodds RFC 679
671 Note on Reconnection Protocol R. Schantz
672 Multi-site data collection facility R. Schantz
674 Procedure call documents: Version 2 J. Postel, J.E. White
675 Specification of Internet Transmission Control Program V. Cerf, Y. Dalal, C. Sunshine Historic RFC 7805
677 Maintenance of duplicate databases P.R. Johnson, R. Thomas
678 Standard file formats J. Postel
679 February, 1975, survey of New-Protocol Telnet servers D.W. Dodds RFC 703
680 Message Transmission Protocol T.H. Myer, D.A. Henderson
681 Network UNIX S. Holmgren
683 FTPSRV - Tenex extension for paged files R. Clements
684 Commentary on procedure calling as a network protocol R. Schantz
685 Response time in cross network debugging M. Beeler
686 Leaving well enough alone B. Harvey
687 IMP/Host and Host/IMP Protocol changes D.C. Walden RFC 704 RFC 690
688 Tentative schedule for the new Telnet implementation for the TIP D.C. Walden
689 Tenex NCP finite state machine for connections R. Clements
690 Comments on the proposed Host/IMP Protocol changes J. Postel RFC 692
691 One more try on the FTP B. Harvey
692 Comments on IMP/Host Protocol changes (RFCs 687 and 690) S.M. Wolfe
694 Protocol information J. Postel
695 Official change in Host-Host Protocol M. Krilanovich
696 Comments on the IMP/Host and Host/IMP Protocol changes V.G. Cerf
697 CWD command of FTP J. Lieb
698 Telnet extended ASCII option T. Mock Proposed standard RFC 5198
699 Request For Comments summary notes: 600-699 J. Postel, J. Vernon Informational
700 Protocol experiment E. Mader, W.W. Plummer, R.S. Tomlinson Informational