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RFC Index (4901..5000)

RFC Description Author(s) Status Obsoleted by Updated by
4901 Protocol Extensions for Header Compression over MPLS J. Ash, Ed., J. Hand, Ed., A. Malis, Ed. Proposed standard
4902 Integrity, Privacy, and Security in Open Pluggable Edge Services (OPES) for SMTP M. Stecher Informational
4903 Multi-Link Subnet Issues D. Thaler Informational
4904 Representing Trunk Groups in tel/sip Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) V. Gurbani, C. Jennings Proposed standard
4905 Encapsulation Methods for Transport of Layer 2 Frames over MPLS Networks L. Martini, Ed., E. Rosen, Ed., N. El-Aawar, Ed. Historic
4906 Transport of Layer 2 Frames Over MPLS L. Martini, Ed., E. Rosen, Ed., N. El-Aawar, Ed. Historic
4907 Architectural Implications of Link Indications B. Aboba, Ed. Informational
4908 Multi-homing for small scale fixed network Using Mobile IP and NEMO K. Nagami, S. Uda, N. Ogashiwa, H. Esaki, R. Wakikawa, H. Ohnishi Experimental
4909 Multimedia Internet KEYing (MIKEY) General Extension Payload for Open Mobile Alliance BCAST LTKM/STKM Transport L. Dondeti, Ed., D. Castleford, F. Hartung Informational RFC 5410, RFC 6309
4910 Robust XML Encoding Rules (RXER) for Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) S. Legg, D. Prager Experimental
4911 Encoding Instructions for the Robust XML Encoding Rules (RXER) S. Legg Experimental
4912 Abstract Syntax Notation X (ASN.X) S. Legg Experimental
4913 Abstract Syntax Notation X (ASN.X) Representation of Encoding Instructions for the Generic String Encoding Rules (GSER) S. Legg Experimental
4914 Abstract Syntax Notation X (ASN.X) Representation of Encoding Instructions for the XML Encoding Rules (XER) S. Legg Experimental
4915 Multi-Topology (MT) Routing in OSPF P. Psenak, S. Mirtorabi, A. Roy, L. Nguyen, P. Pillay-Esnault Proposed standard
4916 Connected Identity in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) J. Elwell Proposed standard
4917 Mobile IPv4 Message String Extension V. Sastry, K. Leung, A. Patel Proposed standard
4918 HTTP Extensions for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) L. Dusseault, Ed. Proposed standard RFC 5689
4919 IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks (6LoWPANs): Overview, Assumptions, Problem Statement, and Goals N. Kushalnagar, G. Montenegro, C. Schumacher Informational
4920 Crankback Signaling Extensions for MPLS and GMPLS RSVP-TE A. Farrel, Ed., A. Satyanarayana, A. Iwata, N. Fujita, G. Ash Proposed standard
4923 Quality of Service (QoS) Signaling in a Nested Virtual Private Network F. Baker, P. Bose Informational
4924 Reflections on Internet Transparency B. Aboba, Ed., E. Davies Informational
4925 Softwire Problem Statement X. Li, Ed., S. Dawkins, Ed., D. Ward, Ed., A. Durand, Ed. Informational
4926 A URN Namespace for GEANT T. Kalin, M. Molina Informational
4927 Path Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCECP) Specific Requirements for Inter-Area MPLS and GMPLS Traffic Engineering J.-L. Le Roux, Ed. Informational
4928 Avoiding Equal Cost Multipath Treatment in MPLS Networks G. Swallow, S. Bryant, L. Andersson Best current practice RFC 7274
4929 Change Process for Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Generalized MPLS (GMPLS) Protocols and Procedures L. Andersson, Ed., A. Farrel, Ed. Best current practice
4930 Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) S. Hollenbeck Draft standard RFC 5730
4931 Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) Domain Name Mapping S. Hollenbeck Draft standard RFC 5731
4932 Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) Host Mapping S. Hollenbeck Draft standard RFC 5732
4933 Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) Contact Mapping S. Hollenbeck Draft standard RFC 5733
4934 Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) Transport Over TCP S. Hollenbeck Draft standard RFC 5734
4935 Fibre Channel Fabric Configuration Server MIB C. DeSanti, H.K. Vivek, K. McCloghrie, S. Gai Proposed standard
4936 Fibre Channel Zone Server MIB C. DeSanti, H.K. Vivek, K. McCloghrie, S. Gai Proposed standard
4937 IANA Considerations for PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) P. Arberg, V. Mammoliti Informational
4938 PPP Over Ethernet (PPPoE) Extensions for Credit Flow and Link Metrics B. Berry, H. Holgate Informational RFC 5578
4939 Definitions of Managed Objects for iSNS (Internet Storage Name Service) K. Gibbons, G. Ramkumar, S. Kipp Proposed standard
4940 IANA Considerations for OSPF K. Kompella, B. Fenner Best current practice
4941 Privacy Extensions for Stateless Address Autoconfiguration in IPv6 T. Narten, R. Draves, S. Krishnan Draft standard RFC 8981
4942 IPv6 Transition/Co-existence Security Considerations E. Davies, S. Krishnan, P. Savola Informational
4943 IPv6 Neighbor Discovery On-Link Assumption Considered Harmful S. Roy, A. Durand, J. Paugh Informational
4944 Transmission of IPv6 Packets over IEEE 802.15.4 Networks G. Montenegro, N. Kushalnagar, J. Hui, D. Culler Proposed standard RFC 6282, RFC 6775, RFC 8025, RFC 8066, RFC 8931
4945 The Internet IP Security PKI Profile of IKEv1/ISAKMP, IKEv2, and PKIX B. Korver Proposed standard
4946 Atom License Extension J. Snell Experimental
4947 Address Resolution Mechanisms for IP Datagrams over MPEG-2 Networks G. Fairhurst, M. Montpetit Informational
4948 Report from the IAB workshop on Unwanted Traffic March 9-10, 2006 L. Andersson, E. Davies, L. Zhang Informational
4949 Internet Security Glossary, Version 2 R. Shirey Informational
4950 ICMP Extensions for Multiprotocol Label Switching R. Bonica, D. Gan, D. Tappan, C. Pignataro Proposed standard
4951 Fail Over Extensions for Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) "failover" V. Jain, Ed. Proposed standard
4952 Overview and Framework for Internationalized Email J. Klensin, Y. Ko Informational RFC 6530 RFC 5336
4953 Defending TCP Against Spoofing Attacks J. Touch Informational
4954 SMTP Service Extension for Authentication R. Siemborski, Ed., A. Melnikov, Ed. Proposed standard RFC 5248
4955 DNS Security (DNSSEC) Experiments D. Blacka Proposed standard
4956 DNS Security (DNSSEC) Opt-In R. Arends, M. Kosters, D. Blacka Experimental
4957 Link-Layer Event Notifications for Detecting Network Attachments S. Krishnan, Ed., N. Montavont, E. Njedjou, S. Veerepalli, A. Yegin, Ed. Informational
4958 A Framework for Supporting Emergency Telecommunications Services (ETS) within a Single Administrative Domain K. Carlberg Informational
4959 IMAP Extension for Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) Initial Client Response R. Siemborski, A. Gulbrandsen Proposed standard
4960 Stream Control Transmission Protocol R. Stewart, Ed. Proposed standard RFC 9260 RFC 6096, RFC 6335, RFC 7053, RFC 8899
4961 Symmetric RTP / RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) D. Wing Best current practice
4962 Guidance for Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) Key Management R. Housley, B. Aboba Best current practice
4963 IPv4 Reassembly Errors at High Data Rates J. Heffner, M. Mathis, B. Chandler Informational
4964 The P-Answer-State Header Extension to the Session Initiation Protocol for the Open Mobile Alliance Push to Talk over Cellular A. Allen, Ed., J. Holm, T. Hallin Informational RFC 8996
4965 CableLabs - IETF Standardization Collaboration J-F. Mule, W. Townsley Informational
4966 Reasons to Move the Network Address Translator - Protocol Translator (NAT-PT) to Historic Status C. Aoun, E. Davies Informational
4967 Dial String Parameter for the Session Initiation Protocol Uniform Resource Identifier B. Rosen Proposed standard
4968 Analysis of IPv6 Link Models for 802.16 Based Networks S. Madanapalli, Ed. Informational
4969 IANA Registration for vCard Enumservice A. Mayrhofer Proposed standard RFC 6118
4970 Extensions to OSPF for Advertising Optional Router Capabilities A. Lindem, Ed., N. Shen, JP. Vasseur, R. Aggarwal, S. Shaffer Proposed standard RFC 7770
4971 Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) Extensions for Advertising Router Information JP. Vasseur, Ed., N. Shen, Ed., R. Aggarwal, Ed. Proposed standard RFC 7981
4972 Routing Extensions for Discovery of Multiprotocol (MPLS) Label Switch Router (LSR) Traffic Engineering (TE) Mesh Membership JP. Vasseur, Ed., JL. Leroux, Ed., S. Yasukawa, S. Previdi, P. Psenak, P. Mabbey Proposed standard
4973 OSPF-xTE: Experimental Extension to OSPF for Traffic Engineering P. Srisuresh, P. Joseph Experimental
4974 Generalized MPLS (GMPLS) RSVP-TE Signaling Extensions in Support of Calls D. Papadimitriou, A. Farrel Proposed standard RFC 6001
4975 The Message Session Relay Protocol (MSRP) B. Campbell, Ed., R. Mahy, Ed., C. Jennings, Ed. Proposed standard RFC 7977, RFC 8591, RFC 8873, RFC 8996
4976 Relay Extensions for the Message Sessions Relay Protocol (MSRP) C. Jennings, R. Mahy, A. B. Roach Proposed standard RFC 7977, RFC 8553, RFC 8996
4977 Problem Statement: Dual Stack Mobility G. Tsirtsis, H. Soliman Informational
4978 The IMAP COMPRESS Extension A. Gulbrandsen Proposed standard
4979 IANA Registration for Enumservice 'XMPP' A. Mayrhofer Proposed standard RFC 6118
4980 Analysis of Multihoming in Network Mobility Support C. Ng, T. Ernst, E. Paik, M. Bagnulo Informational
4981 Survey of Research towards Robust Peer-to-Peer Networks: Search Methods J. Risson, T. Moors Informational
4982 Support for Multiple Hash Algorithms in Cryptographically Generated Addresses (CGAs) M. Bagnulo, J. Arkko Proposed standard
4983 Fibre Channel Registered State Change Notification (RSCN) MIB C. DeSanti, H.K. Vivek, K. McCloghrie, S. Gai Proposed standard
4984 Report from the IAB Workshop on Routing and Addressing D. Meyer, Ed., L. Zhang, Ed., K. Fall, Ed. Informational
4985 Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Subject Alternative Name for Expression of Service Name S. Santesson Proposed standard
4986 Requirements Related to DNS Security (DNSSEC) Trust Anchor Rollover H. Eland, R. Mundy, S. Crocker, S. Krishnaswamy Informational
4987 TCP SYN Flooding Attacks and Common Mitigations W. Eddy Informational
4988 Mobile IPv4 Fast Handovers R. Koodli, C. Perkins Experimental
4990 Use of Addresses in Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Networks K. Shiomoto, R. Papneja, R. Rabbat Informational
4991 A Common Schema for Internet Registry Information Service Transfer Protocols A. Newton Proposed standard
4992 XML Pipelining with Chunks for the Internet Registry Information Service A. Newton Proposed standard RFC 8996
4993 A Lightweight UDP Transfer Protocol for the Internet Registry Information Service A. Newton Proposed standard
4994 DHCPv6 Relay Agent Echo Request Option S. Zeng, B. Volz, K. Kinnear, J. Brzozowski Proposed standard
4995 The RObust Header Compression (ROHC) Framework L-E. Jonsson, G. Pelletier, K. Sandlund Proposed standard RFC 5795
4996 RObust Header Compression (ROHC): A Profile for TCP/IP (ROHC-TCP) G. Pelletier, K. Sandlund, L-E. Jonsson, M. West Proposed standard RFC 6846
4997 Formal Notation for RObust Header Compression (ROHC-FN) R. Finking, G. Pelletier Proposed standard
4998 Evidence Record Syntax (ERS) T. Gondrom, R. Brandner, U. Pordesch Proposed standard
5000 Internet Official Protocol Standards RFC Editor Historic RFC 7100