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RFC Index (401..500)

RFC Description Author(s) Status Obsoleted by Updated by
401 Conversion of NGP-0 Coordinates to Device Specific Coordinates J. Hansen
402 ARPA Network Mailing Lists J.B. North
403 Desirability of a Network 1108 Service G. Hicks
404 Host Address Changes Involving Rand and ISI A.M. McKenzie RFC 405
405 Correction to RFC 404 A.M. McKenzie
406 Scheduled IMP Software Releases J.M. McQuillan
407 Remote Job Entry Protocol R.D. Bressler, R. Guida, A.M. McKenzie Historic
408 NETBANK A.D. Owen, J. Postel
409 Tenex interface to UCSB's Simple-Minded File System J.E. White
410 Removal of the 30-Second Delay When Hosts Come Up J.M. McQuillan
411 New MULTICS Network Software Features M.A. Padlipsky
412 User FTP Documentation G. Hicks
413 Traffic statistics (October 1972) A.M. McKenzie
414 File Transfer Protocol (FTP) status and further comments A.K. Bhushan
415 Tenex bandwidth H. Murray
416 ARC System Will Be Unavailable for Use During Thanksgiving Week J.C. Norton
417 Link usage violation J. Postel, C. Kline
418 Server File Transfer Under TSS/360 At NASA-Ames Research Center W. Hathaway
419 To: Network liaisons and station agents A. Vezza
420 CCA ICCC weather demo H. Murray
421 Software Consulting Service for Network Users A.M. McKenzie
422 Traffic statistics (November 1972) A.M. McKenzie
423 UCLA Campus Computing Network Liaison Staff for ARPANET B. Noble
425 "But my NCP costs $500 a day" R.D. Bressler
426 Reconnection Protocol R. Thomas
429 Character Generator Process J. Postel
430 Comments on File Transfer Protocol R.T. Braden
431 Update on SMFS Login and Logout M. Krilanovich
432 Network logical map N. Neigus
433 Socket number list J. Postel RFC 503
434 IMP/TIP memory retrofit schedule A.M. McKenzie RFC 447
435 Telnet issues B. Cosell, D.C. Walden
436 Announcement of RJS at UCSB M. Krilanovich
437 Data Reconfiguration Service at UCSB E. Faeh
438 FTP server-server interaction R. Thomas, R. Clements
439 PARRY encounters the DOCTOR V. Cerf
440 Scheduled network software maintenance D.C. Walden
441 Inter-Entity Communication - an experiment R.D. Bressler, R. Thomas
442 Current flow-control scheme for IMPSYS V. Cerf RFC 449
443 Traffic statistics (December 1972) A.M. McKenzie
445 IMP/TIP preventive maintenance schedule A.M. McKenzie
446 Proposal to consider a network program resource notebook L.P. Deutsch
447 IMP/TIP memory retrofit schedule A.M. McKenzie RFC 476
448 Print files in FTP R.T. Braden
449 Current flow-control scheme for IMPSYS D.C. Walden
450 MULTICS sampling timeout change M.A. Padlipsky
451 Tentative proposal for a Unified User Level Protocol M.A. Padlipsky
452 TELNET Command at Host LL J. Winett
453 Meeting announcement to discuss a network mail system M.D. Kudlick
454 File Transfer Protocol - meeting announcement and a new proposed document A.M. McKenzie
455 Traffic statistics (January 1973) A.M. McKenzie
456 Memorandum: Date change of mail meeting M.D. Kudlick
457 TIPUG D.C. Walden
458 Mail retrieval via FTP R.D. Bressler, R. Thomas
459 Network questionnaires W. Kantrowitz
460 NCP survey C. Kline
461 Telnet Protocol meeting announcement A.M. McKenzie
462 Responding to user needs J. Iseli, D. Crocker
463 FTP comments and response to RFC 430 A.K. Bhushan
464 Resource notebook framework M.D. Kudlick
466 Telnet logger/server for host LL-67 J.M. Winett
467 Proposed change to Host-Host Protocol: Resynchronization of connection status J.D. Burchfiel, R.S. Tomlinson RFC 492
468 FTP data compression R.T. Braden
469 Network mail meeting summary M.D. Kudlick
470 Change in socket for TIP news facility R. Thomas
471 Workshop on multi-site executive programs R. Thomas
472 Illinois' reply to Maxwell's request for graphics information (NIC 14925) S. Bunch
473 MIX and MIXAL? D.C. Walden
474 Announcement of NGWG meeting: Call for papers S. Bunch
475 FTP and Network Mail System A.K. Bhushan
476 IMP/TIP memory retrofit schedule (rev 2) A.M. McKenzie
477 Remote Job Service at UCSB M. Krilanovich
478 FTP server-server interaction - II R.D. Bressler, R. Thomas
479 Use of FTP by the NIC Journal J.E. White
480 Host-dependent FTP parameters J.E. White
482 Traffic statistics (February 1973) A.M. McKenzie RFC 497
483 Cancellation of the resource notebook framework meeting M.D. Kudlick
485 MIX and MIXAL at UCSB J.R. Pickens
486 Data transfer revisited R.D. Bressler
487 Free file transfer R.D. Bressler
488 NLS classes at network sites M.F. Auerbach
489 Comment on resynchronization of connection status proposal J. Postel
490 Surrogate RJS for UCLA-CCN J.R. Pickens
491 What is "Free"? M.A. Padlipsky
492 Response to RFC 467 E. Meyer
493 GRAPHICS PROTOCOL J.C. Michener, I.W. Cotton, K.C. Kelley, D.E. Liddle, E. Meyer
494 Availability of MIX and MIXAL in the Network D.C. Walden
495 Telnet Protocol specifications A.M. McKenzie RFC 562
496 TNLS quick reference card is available M.F. Auerbach
497 Traffic Statistics (March 1973) A.M. McKenzie
498 On mail service to CCN R.T. Braden
499 Harvard's network RJE B.R. Reussow
500 Integration of data management systems on a computer network A. Shoshani, I. Spiegler