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This company specialises in solving technical problems. This usually includes designing and building hardware and software to fulfill some specific need. The design will include only necessary parts, extended to a reasonable amount of overhead, ensuring a sensible price and small devices - also known as the "no-nonsense" approach.

Examples include pure software projects, custom built surveillance systems, special audio hardware, system maintenance, various types of consulting, and the writing of technical documentation and reports.

The hardware usually centers around ARM Ltd. products, hence the name.

Typical customers are companies that have already tried to find suitable solutions on the market, and failed. Others already know they have obscure and/or changing requirements from a device, so a mass produced solution would be too inflexible.

There is no list of products here, since they are all made to order. If you have the need for something special, feel free to mail and get an offer, or just advice.

ARMWARE web (at) armware.dk