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RFC Description Author(s) Status Obsoleted by Updated by
101 Notes on the Network Working Group meeting, Urbana, Illinois, February 17, 1971 R.W. Watson RFC 108, RFC 123
102 Output of the Host-Host Protocol glitch cleaning committee S.D. Crocker RFC 107
103 Implementation of Interrupt Keys R.B. Kalin
104 Link 191 J.B. Postel, S.D. Crocker
105 Network Specifications for Remote Job Entry and Remote Job Output Retrieval at UCSB J.E. White RFC 217
106 User/Server Site Protocol Network Host Questionnaire T.C. O'Sullivan
107 Output of the Host-Host Protocol Glitch Cleaning Committee R.D. Bressler, S.D. Crocker, W.R. Crowther, G.R. Grossman, R.S. Tomlinson, J.E. White RFC 111, RFC 124, RFC 132, RFC 154, RFC 179
108 Attendance list at the Urbana NWG meeting, February 17-19, 1971 R.W. Watson
109 Level III Server Protocol for the Lincoln Laboratory 360/67 Host J. Winett
110 Conventions for Using an IBM 2741 Terminal as a User Console for Access to Network Server Hosts J. Winett RFC 135
111 Pressure from the Chairman S.D. Crocker RFC 130
112 User/Server Site Protocol: Network Host Questionnaire T.C. O'Sullivan
113 Network activity report: UCSB Rand E. Harslem, J.F. Heafner, J.E. White RFC 227
114 File Transfer Protocol A.K. Bhushan RFC 133, RFC 141, RFC 171, RFC 172
115 Some Network Information Center policies on handling documents R.W. Watson, J.B. North
116 Structure of the May NWG Meeting S.D. Crocker RFC 131, RFC 156
117 Some comments on the official protocol J. Wong
118 Recommendations for facility documentation R.W. Watson
119 Network Fortran Subprograms M. Krilanovich
120 Network PL1 subprograms M. Krilanovich
121 Network on-line operators M. Krilanovich
122 Network specifications for UCSB's Simple-Minded File System J.E. White RFC 217, RFC 269, RFC 399, RFC 431
123 Proffered Official ICP S.D. Crocker RFC 165 RFC 127, RFC 143, RFC 148
124 Typographical error in RFC 107 J.T. Melvin
125 Response to RFC 86: Proposal for Network Standard Format for a Graphics Data Stream J. McConnell RFC 177
126 Graphics Facilities at Ames Research Center J. McConnell
127 Comments on RFC 123 J. Postel RFC 145 RFC 151
128 Bytes J. Postel
129 Request for comments on socket name structure E. Harslem, J. Heafner, E. Meyer RFC 147
130 Response to RFC 111: Pressure from the chairman J.F. Heafner
131 Response to RFC 116: May NWG meeting E. Harslem, J.F. Heafner
132 Typographical Error in RFC 107 J.E. White RFC 154
133 File Transfer and Error Recovery R.L. Sunberg
134 Network Graphics meeting A. Vezza
135 Response to NWG/RFC 110 W. Hathaway
136 Host accounting and administrative procedures R.E. Kahn
137 Telnet Protocol - a proposed document T.C. O'Sullivan RFC 139
138 Status report on proposed Data Reconfiguration Service R.H. Anderson, V.G. Cerf, E. Harslem, J.F. Heafner, J. Madden, R.M. Metcalfe, A. Shoshani, J.E. White, D.C.M. Wood
139 Discussion of Telnet Protocol T.C. O'Sullivan RFC 158
140 Agenda for the May NWG meeting S.D. Crocker RFC 149
141 Comments on RFC 114: A File Transfer Protocol E. Harslem, J.F. Heafner
142 Time-Out Mechanism in the Host-Host Protocol C. Kline, J. Wong
143 Regarding proffered official ICP W. Naylor, J. Wong, C. Kline, J. Postel RFC 165
144 Data sharing on computer networks A. Shoshani
145 Initial Connection Protocol Control Commands J. Postel RFC 165 RFC 143
146 Views on issues relevant to data sharing on computer networks P.M. Karp, D.B. McKay, D.C.M. Wood
147 Definition of a socket J.M. Winett
148 Comments on RFC 123 A.K. Bhushan
149 Best Laid Plans S.D. Crocker
150 Use of IPC Facilities: A Working Paper R.B. Kalin
151 Comments on a proffered official ICP: RFCs 123, 127 A. Shoshani
152 SRI Artificial Intelligence status report M. Wilber
153 SRI ARC-NIC status J.T. Melvin, R.W. Watson
154 Exposition Style S.D. Crocker
155 ARPA Network mailing lists J.B. North RFC 168
156 Status of the Illinois site: Response to RFC 116 J. Bouknight
157 Invitation to the Second Symposium on Problems in the Optimization of Data Communications Systems V.G. Cerf
158 Telnet Protocol: A Proposed Document T.C. O'Sullivan RFC 495 RFC 318
160 RFC brief list Network Information Center. Stanford Research Institute RFC 200, RFC 999
161 Solution to the race condition in the ICP A. Shoshani
162 NETBUGGER3 M. Kampe
163 Data transfer protocols V.G. Cerf
164 Minutes of Network Working Group meeting, 5/16 through 5/19/71 J.F. Heafner
165 Proffered Official Initial Connection Protocol J. Postel nic7101
166 Data Reconfiguration Service: An implementation specification R.H. Anderson, V.G. Cerf, E. Harslem, J.F. Heafner, J. Madden, R.M. Metcalfe, A. Shoshani, J.E. White, D.C.M. Wood
167 Socket conventions reconsidered A.K. Bhushan, R.M. Metcalfe, J.M. Winett
168 ARPA Network mailing lists J.B. North RFC 211
170 RFC List by Number Network Information Center. Stanford Research Institute RFC 200
171 The Data Transfer Protocol A. Bhushan, B. Braden, W. Crowther, E. Harslem, J. Heafner, A. McKenize, J. Melvin, B. Sundberg, D. Watson, J. White RFC 264 RFC 238
172 The File Transfer Protocol A. Bhushan, B. Braden, W. Crowther, E. Harslem, J. Heafner, A. McKenzie, J. Melvin, B. Sundberg, D. Watson, J. White RFC 265 RFC 238
173 Network Data Management Committee Meeting Announcement P.M. Karp, D.B. McKay
174 UCLA - Computer Science Graphics Overview J. Postel, V.G. Cerf
175 Comments on "Socket Conventions Reconsidered" E. Harslem, J.F. Heafner
176 Comments on "Byte size for connections" A.K. Bhushan, R. Kanodia, R.M. Metcalfe, J. Postel
177 Device independent graphical display description J. McConnell RFC 181
178 Network graphic attention handling I.W. Cotton
179 Link Number Assignments A.M. McKenzie
180 File system questionnaire A.M. McKenzie
181 Modifications to RFC 177 J. McConnell
182 Compilation of list of relevant site reports J.B. North
183 EBCDIC Codes and Their Mapping to ASCII J.M. Winett
184 Proposed graphic display modes K.C. Kelley
185 NIC distribution of manuals and handbooks J.B. North
186 Network graphics loader J.C. Michener
187 Network/440 Protocol Concept D.B. McKay, D.P. Karp
188 Data management meeting announcement P.M. Karp, D.B. McKay
189 Interim NETRJS specifications R.T. Braden RFC 599 RFC 283
190 DEC PDP-10-IMLAC communications system L.P. Deutsch
191 Graphics implementation and conceptualization at Augmentation Research Center C.H. Irby
192 Some factors which a Network Graphics Protocol must consider R.W. Watson
193 NETWORK CHECKOUT E. Harslem, J.F. Heafner RFC 198 RFC 198
194 The Data Reconfiguration Service -- Compiler/Interpreter Implementation Notes V. Cerf, E. Harslem, J. Heafner, B. Metcalfe, J. White
195 Data computers-data descriptions and access language G.H. Mealy
196 Mail Box Protocol R.W. Watson RFC 221
197 Initial Connection Protocol - Reviewed A. Shoshani, E. Harslem
198 Site Certification - Lincoln Labs 360/67 J.F. Heafner RFC 214
199 Suggestions for a Network Data-Tablet Graphics Protocol T. Williams
200 RFC list by number J.B. North nic7724