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RFC Index (9001..9100)

RFC Description Author(s) Status Obsoleted by Updated by
9001 Using TLS to Secure QUIC M. Thomson, Ed., S. Turner, Ed. Proposed standard
9002 QUIC Loss Detection and Congestion Control J. Iyengar, Ed., I. Swett, Ed. Proposed standard
9003 Extended BGP Administrative Shutdown Communication J. Snijders, J. Heitz, J. Scudder, A. Azimov Proposed standard
9004 Updates for the Back-to-Back Frame Benchmark in RFC 2544 A. Morton Informational
9005 Path Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCEP) Extension for Associating Policies and Label Switched Paths (LSPs) S. Litkowski, S. Sivabalan, J. Tantsura, J. Hardwick, C. Li Proposed standard
9006 TCP Usage Guidance in the Internet of Things (IoT) C. Gomez, J. Crowcroft, M. Scharf Informational
9007 Handling Message Disposition Notification with the JSON Meta Application Protocol (JMAP) R. Ouazana, Ed. Proposed standard
9008 Using RPI Option Type, Routing Header for Source Routes, and IPv6-in-IPv6 Encapsulation in the RPL Data Plane M.I. Robles, M. Richardson, P. Thubert Proposed standard
9009 Efficient Route Invalidation R.A. Jadhav, Ed., P. Thubert, R.N. Sahoo, Z. Cao Proposed standard
9010 Routing for RPL (Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks) Leaves P. Thubert, Ed., M. Richardson Proposed standard
9011 Static Context Header Compression and Fragmentation (SCHC) over LoRaWAN O. Gimenez, Ed., I. Petrov, Ed. Proposed standard
9012 The BGP Tunnel Encapsulation Attribute K. Patel, G. Van de Velde, S. Sangli, J. Scudder Proposed standard
9013 OSPF Advertisement of Tunnel Encapsulations X. Xu, Ed., B. Decraene, Ed., R. Raszuk, L. Contreras, L. Jalil Proposed standard
9014 Interconnect Solution for Ethernet VPN (EVPN) Overlay Networks J. Rabadan, Ed., S. Sathappan, W. Henderickx, A. Sajassi, J. Drake Proposed standard
9015 BGP Control Plane for the Network Service Header in Service Function Chaining A. Farrel, J. Drake, E. Rosen, J. Uttaro, L. Jalil Proposed standard
9016 Flow and Service Information Model for Deterministic Networking (DetNet) B. Varga, J. Farkas, R. Cummings, Y. Jiang, D. Fedyk Informational
9017 Special-Purpose Label Terminology L. Andersson, K. Kompella, A. Farrel Proposed standard
9018 Interoperable Domain Name System (DNS) Server Cookies O. Sury, W. Toorop, D. Eastlake 3rd, M. Andrews Proposed standard
9019 A Firmware Update Architecture for Internet of Things B. Moran, H. Tschofenig, D. Brown, M. Meriac Informational
9020 YANG Data Model for Segment Routing S. Litkowski, Y. Qu, A. Lindem, P. Sarkar, J. Tantsura Proposed standard
9021 Use of the Walnut Digital Signature Algorithm with CBOR Object Signing and Encryption (COSE) D. Atkins Informational
9022 Domain Name Registration Data (DNRD) Objects Mapping G. Lozano, J. Gould, C. Thippeswamy Proposed standard
9023 Deterministic Networking (DetNet) Data Plane: IP over IEEE 802.1 Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) B. Varga, Ed., J. Farkas, A. Malis, S. Bryant Informational
9024 Deterministic Networking (DetNet) Data Plane: IEEE 802.1 Time-Sensitive Networking over MPLS B. Varga, Ed., J. Farkas, A. Malis, S. Bryant, D. Fedyk Proposed standard
9025 Deterministic Networking (DetNet) Data Plane: MPLS over UDP/IP B. Varga, Ed., J. Farkas, L. Berger, A. Malis, S. Bryant Proposed standard
9026 Multicast VPN Fast Upstream Failover T. Morin, Ed., R. Kebler, Ed., G. Mirsky, Ed. Proposed standard
9027 Assertion Values for Resource Priority Header and SIP Priority Header Claims in Support of Emergency Services Networks M. Dolly, C. Wendt Proposed standard
9029 Updates to the Allocation Policy for the Border Gateway Protocol - Link State (BGP-LS) Parameters Registries A. Farrel Proposed standard
9030 An Architecture for IPv6 over the Time-Slotted Channel Hopping Mode of IEEE 802.15.4 (6TiSCH) P. Thubert, Ed. Informational
9031 Constrained Join Protocol (CoJP) for 6TiSCH M. Vučinić, Ed., J. Simon, K. Pister, M. Richardson Proposed standard
9032 Encapsulation of 6TiSCH Join and Enrollment Information Elements D. Dujovne, Ed., M. Richardson Proposed standard
9033 6TiSCH Minimal Scheduling Function (MSF) T. Chang, Ed., M. Vučinić, X. Vilajosana, S. Duquennoy, D. Dujovne Proposed standard
9034 Packet Delivery Deadline Time in the Routing Header for IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks (6LoWPANs) L. Thomas, S. Anamalamudi, S.V.R. Anand, M. Hegde, C. Perkins Proposed standard
9035 A Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks (RPL) Destination-Oriented Directed Acyclic Graph (DODAG) Configuration Option for the 6LoWPAN Routing Header P. Thubert, Ed., L. Zhao Proposed standard
9036 Changing the Location-to-Service Translation (LoST) Location Profiles Registry Policy R. Gellens Proposed standard
9037 Deterministic Networking (DetNet) Data Plane: MPLS over IEEE 802.1 Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) B. Varga, Ed., J. Farkas, A. Malis, S. Bryant Informational
9038 Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) Unhandled Namespaces J. Gould, M. Casanova Proposed standard
9044 Using the AES-GMAC Algorithm with the Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) R. Housley Proposed standard
9045 Algorithm Requirements Update to the Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate Request Message Format (CRMF) R. Housley Proposed standard
9082 Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) Query Format S. Hollenbeck, A. Newton Internet standard
9083 JSON Responses for the Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) S. Hollenbeck, A. Newton Internet standard